Our strategy ideas for your success

Equity portfolio income

Nowadays, long-term asset accumulation is the core element of any old- age provision. The state pension systems provide a basis on which to build with private investments. The goal is a portfolio that meets the highest demands of conservative investors, that is low in fluctuation and stable, but still leads to a sustainable, long- term increase in assets. The Equity Portfolio income offers precisely these qualities.

Bond portfolio value preservation

Negative interest rates dominate the bond market and make it difficult to achieve attractive returns. Increasingly, cash holdings of more and more bank customers are also burdened with negative interest rates. Through active opportunity and risk management, the bond portfolio value preservation offers you an alternative that avoids negative interest rates in euros and francs and absorbs the loss in value of your capital due to ongoing price taxation.

Equity portfolio growth

On the stock market, growth means maximizing returns. Not the present, but the future potential of the most promising companies is discounted. The decisive factor is the know – how to identify the right stocks from the various growth trends at an early stage and to secure a share in future success. The secret of success is to stay with the winners for a long time. The Equity portfolio growth fulfills this task with high dynamism and earning power.

Precious metal portfolio security

An intelligent precious metal strategy requires many facets. It is not enough to buy a gold bar and hope that this will give you additional security for your assets. In addition to the price development of the precious metals, the topics of storage, taxes, exchange rates and a diversification via alternative precious metal investments from the areas of shares and bonds must also be included. That is our intelligent precious metal portfolio security.