Negative interest rates – not with us!

Our bond portfolio offers an alternative

The role of the bond market has changed rapidly over the past decades. Whereas until the turn of the century bonds were considered safe yield generators in the portfolio, today their task is to preserve the value of the portfolio and protect it from influences such as negative interest rates and inflation.

Our bond portfolio offers an alternative to holding cash in bank accounts to avoid negative interest rates. This is a topic that more and more people have to deal with, as banks in Switzerland and in Germany have long been passing on the interest rates of the Swiss National Bank and the European Central Bank to their customers.

Opportunities and risks actively managed. No passive buy and hold.

The aim is to achieve an annualized return above the harmonized consumer price index of the European Union. This enables the preservation of the capital in good as in bad times.

Investments are made primarily in investment grade bonds with a nominal denomination in euros, US dollars and Swiss francs. Government bonds and high-quality corporate bonds form the core of the bond strategy. As an admixture, investment grade bonds. Other foreign currencies are allowed up to a small proportion. A small part of the portfolio is reserved for the use of futures and derivatives.