Asset management is a question of trust

Trust in mutual success

Our strategies are consistent, structured and tested, transparent and individual.

Our asset management is characterized by its clear and transparent strategy. The investment profiles form the basis for individual investment decisions. Your assets are deposited in trust with renowned banks and are professionally managed by us.

We adapt to your needs and adjust our successful capital market strategies to your framework conditions. The result is an individual portfolio strategy that supports your success and life path and grows with you.

Portfolio analysis

You have a portfolio and are unsure whether it is optimally set up and structured? Would you like a second opinion and assessment?

We analyze your portfolio, point out strengths and weaknesses. We give advices and our personal recommendation.

Our core strategies:

  • Precious Metals Portfolio Security
  • Bond Portfolio Value preservation
  • Equity Portfolio dividend
  • Equity Portfolio growth

Our thematic portfolios focus on concentrated and growth- oriented special strategies:

  • E-commerce portfolio
  • E-mobility portfolio
  • ESG portfolio ( environment, social, governance)
  • Al portfolio ( artificial intelligence)
  • Hydrogen portfolio