Asset structure

Saving and optimizing assets choosing the right investment option for family assets contributes to their preservation and growth. Trusts, foundations and companies in Switzerland and abroad are a suitable means of achieving this goal. Lucrum Capital AG advises its clients on the selection of a suitable investment strategy and its implementation, and regularly monitors and reviews the development of the assets. If the general conditions change, the structure of the asset management is adjusted in time.


Internationally oriented families whose residential and real estate holdings extend across several national borders, take advantage of Trust structures and foundations. In this way, they can protect their asset and benefit from advantageous tax situations.

Trust structures and foundations represent a legitimate and legal instrument in the financial world to achieve the objectives already outlined.

That is why Lucrum Capital AG advises it’s clients comprehensively, starting with the definition of goals and the filtering out of the client’s needs to the creation of an individual, optimal structure together with the client. Where should it be located, who are the organs, how is the organization regulated and where should the trust, foundation and/or companies carry out their business activities? The choice of the location is significant due to legal and tax circumstances and these decisively shape the framework conditions. Furthermore, it is important to decide which assets are to be implemented and managed in which structure.

Opening of a company for professional purposes

We also make the important preliminary clarifications for you, obtain offers from banks and trust companies and advise you on the selection of suitable companies.

Asset allocation:

Optimizing asset allocation to attractive asset classes.

The determination of the best possible strategic asset allocation forms the basis and depends on the client, his local asset and his individual visions and goals. The basic prerequisite for a sustainable positive development of the invested assets is the constant consideration of the general conditions and liquidity planning.

Asset management mandate

Includes all services necessary for the successful management of your assets.

Within the asset management mandate, we offer you different investment profiles from which you can choose the one that suits you the best. The investment portfolio offered covers all asset classes. It ranges from the conservative bond portfolio to the more dynamic high-yield portfolio to the risk-averse, internationally diversified equity portfolio- and thus encompasses all investment categories. The investment profile you select now forms the guideline according to which we make investments for you. Existing investments can also be taken into account.

The assets are placed with our custodian banks, whereby you as the client remain the owner of the assets at all times.

In cooperation with our custodian banks, we inform you regularly about the current status of your assets and advise you at any time on investment decisions.

Family office services

By the term “Family Office” we understand the holistic advice and support of all assets of a customer. For example: You have custody accounts at various banks and would like to keep it that way, but in the future you will have only one contact person for all your investments. With our Family Office we offer you exactly this possibility. You simply sign an investment advisory mandate with us and give us the order to concentrate all your portfolios under the umbrella of Lucrum Capital AG. This allows you to check with us daily on the performance of all your investments without having to contact all the banks separately. We at Lucrum Capital AG take care that you have a complete and correct overview of your assets and their costs and optimize your tax reporting. We also have an overview of their accounts and link them together, allowing us to prepare tax returns for each location of our international families.

Those services include also following areas:

  • International legal and tax consulting;
  • Immigration services;
  • Real estate services;
  • Insurance, private accounting management;
  • Instructions of bank payments, preparation of tax reports.

Lifestyle management

Organizations of trips, event and party planning, selection of schools and language teachers for your children, setting up of homes and staffing for domestic tasks to relive you; IT Solutions 360° ( Consulting, Infrastructure, Support, Services, Security).