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No other technologies will shape the 2020s as much as cloud computing and artificial intelligence.

Just as mankind is developing, thinking and living in ever greater dimensions worldwide, the technological structures it has developed are now also growing at a speed and in an extent that was scarcely thought possible decades ago, if not years ago.

This unstoppable technological process isn’t only characterized by the rapid population growth worldwide and the developments of highly innovative rationalization, automation and mobility processes that are absolutely necessary for this reason alone, but is also based on the scientific finding, which has long been recognized, that even people with the greatest intellectual subconscious or predisposition capacities are only capable of implementing a maximum of 50% of these capacities in the most diverse everyday challenge.

Not only since the Schwarzenegger film series “Terminator” humans strive therefore in many cases generally for the complete exploitability of their mental and physical conditions, but such a more and more perfectionist maxim of life is already programmed evolutionary/civilizationally with the birth into the DNA of more and more increasing parts of the human society ( without that these representatives are to be called therefore already pejoratively as “humanoids” or even “robots”).

Recognizing the natural weakness to fully exploit these talents and predispositions, “civilized, enlightened “mankind therefore increasingly makes use of technological aids to either directly eliminate their given mental or physical limits, or develops on the basis of their natural super consciousness or “common sense” in a far more harmless dimension increasingly new so-called adaptive solutions and techniques, in order to minimize such risks in the future in reflection of past suboptimal misbehavior and- control or to eliminate them already in the beginning of their emergence.

The ESG portfolio therefore includes stocks in companies whose business purposes and implementation are in line with sustainable economic development. Examples include areas of water supply, renewable energy’s and recycling.

Booming sustainable investments

Such a human drive for perfection thus already lays the foundation for what modern science generally refers to as the technology field of “Artificial intelligence” (AI).

In essence, all AI models, regardless of the specific purpose, are intended to serve, are based, in simplified terms, on the principle of using simulated static or behavioral norm deviations on the basis of corresponding prior scientific experience ( above all in the natural sciences, medicine, psychology or mathematic stochastic) to forecast the resulting further risks or damage to results and then introducing corrective parameters precisely at the starting point of all conceivable risk or damage scenarios, which are intended to exactly neutralize such undesirable result parameters.

Thus, all technological AI models ultimately serve nothing other than to perfect the effects of mental or physical human behaviors or to make such results or deviations predictable as precisely as possible.

The result is that the applicability of such AI concepts in modern human everyday life is already “barrier- free”, e.g. within the consumer and marketing area in the exact identification and prediction of human advertising resonance, purchasing or payment behavior; in banking for the creation of tailored credit or securities products, depending on the expected return or risk profile of a customer; in the electro mobility area for the development of semi- to fully autonomous so- called “driving assistance systems” for the highest possible driving comfort while minimizing accident risks; in the medical area, e.g. for the development of artificial motor control systems for paraplegics (exo-skeletons) or Parkinson’s patients, as well as hearing aid and headphone systems that can be adjusted with pinpoint accuracy; or in the construction industry for optimizing the statics and design of almost any building architecture.

Analyses support ESG approach

Likewise, not least the increasing, extremely sector-wide use of all conceivable AI concepts, however, of course automatically brings with it increasingly complex and gigantic data processing and storage requirements, so that this segment of the efficiency-increasing outsourcing of increasingly demanding data management floods ( technical term “ Big Data” ) to real or even only virtually controlled large scale data centers, called Cloud Computing, is no longer conceivable at all from the accompaniment of every future increased AI application. In the summary of this development of increasing AI and Cloud technologies, which will undoubtedly dominate the entire global technology sector more and more in the future, Lucrum Capital AG therefore also offers you an associated theme portfolio of corresponding naming “ AI and Cloud Computing”, which will provide you with a compilation under highly selective expert selection of the associated most prominent stock representatives, with which you will immediately participate in an ideal way in almost any future technological innovation via a corresponding AI/Cloud stock investment. We therefore invite you to be highly active in this future trend at any time though a corresponding portfolio investment.